TMDP Episode #12 - Disney Don’ts

March 31, 2016


As much as we all love Walt Disney World, there are a few things about that magical place which we honestly don't care for. In this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, we share our list of 'never do that again' items. Come along… it's an entertaining and humorous take on our Disney Don'ts.


TMDP Episode #11 - The ‘Must Do’ Series - Outside the Parks

March 24, 2016


We're taking a trip back to our 'Must Do' series on The Mickey Dudes Podcast! In this episode, we step outside the parks—visit our favorite places, and explore our top things to do outside the gates. Join us on another magical journey as we discuss what makes our visit to WDW complete.


TMDP Episode #10 - Disney Villains!

March 18, 2016


If you love to hate them, or hate to love them—there's no one quite like a Disney Villain. They've provided us some of the most memorable moments in Disney movie history and pop culture. On this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, the crew discusses their favorites and why it's so good to be bad!


TMDP - Special Edition - March Magic!

March 17, 2016


March Magic is back! In this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, Dave and Greg fill out their tournament brackets and discuss what attraction should win out and why. Which team will take home the title? There's only one way to find out!


TMDP Episode #8 - Disney Entertainment

March 10, 2016


From Streetmosphere performers to musicians to Broadway-quality shows, Walt Disney World has a diverse collection of in-park entertainment for guests to enjoy. In this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, we share some of our personal favorites and take a virtual journey on another WDW Head Trip!


TMDP Episode #7 - The ULTIMATE Resort Day

March 3, 2016


Spending time out of the parks can be as much fun and as being in the parks. On this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, we discuss the ULTIMATE day as we slow down and relax. We're enjoying our favorite resorts on property… come along!