TMDP Episode #30 - Bad or Embarrassing Moments at WDW

July 28, 2016


Let's face it, we all have them… those embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments; or perhaps those times when we loose our minds—just a little. In today's episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, the crew share some of their 'not-so-magical' times at Walt Disney World. But hey, we can laugh about them now! It's a face-palm edition that's sure to make you chuckle too.


TMDP Episode #29 -The ‘Top 11 List’ Series - RIDES!

July 21, 2016


In this episodes of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, the guys debut a new series titled 'The Top 11 List'. They reveal their favorite ride picks in all of Walt Disney World. You'll get an interesting glimpse inside the minds of some of the Dudes… and for that, we are sorry. Ready to find out what tops their list as the number one ride? Get your FastPasses ready and jump in the queue!


TMDP Episode #28 - The ‘Snack Crawl’ Series - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

July 14, 2016

The much-anticipated and highly debated 'Snack Crawl' series returns! In this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, the guys visit both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom for a double-dose of snacking goodness. Can they pull off another success story with a limited budget? And in between bites, they manage to voice their opinions in a Mickey Dudes Podcast Poll. This incredibly delicious episodes awaits… what are you waiting for?


TMDP Episode #27 - WDW Bucket List

July 7, 2016


If you had the opportunity to do one, two, or even three more things in all of Walt Disney World, what would they be? Well… on today's episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, the crew share their own personal bucket list items in a highly entertaining, if not slightly contentious roundtable discussion. Let us know what you think! See if you agree—or disagree—with the guys and their opinions.