TMDP Episode #48 - Thankful Disney Memories

November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is a time for reflection; a time to count the blessings for all the joys in our lives. In this very special holiday episode, The Mickey Dudes share some of their favorite Disney memories. AND if that weren't enough… our Podcast Poll reveals which signature restaurant each one our crew would eat their Thanksgiving meal at. Napkin on your lap please, it's time to get fancy!


TMDP Episode #47 - Thanksgiving at WDW

November 17, 2016


If you had to celebrate Thanksgiving in WDW (we know… what a hardship, right?) what would you do? Our roundtable crew discuss their thoughts on this scrumptious episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast. For a tasty treat, we throw it across the pond for some thoughts from our Ranting Scotsman, Steven. Hey, did you try the cornbread stuffing? It was delicious!


TMDP Episode #46 - Favorite WDW Transportation

November 11, 2016


From the monorail system to ferry boats—and everywhere in between—there are a multitude of transportation options to get your from point A to point B. Some functional, and some just for fun, but all done with Disney style! Today, the guys discuss their favorites modes of transport at WDW. The Mickey Dudes Podcast will depart momentarily for the Magic Kingdom. If you’re standing, please hold on to the handrails and stay clear of the doors. Thank You!


TMDP Episode #45 - Our Favorite WDW Podcasts

November 3, 2016


We surveyed 100 people; top 5 answers on the board. Name your favorite WDW podcast… Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite 100 people—more like 4, but it's quality vs. quantity here. Listen in to find out what made our list of WDW podcasts and why. Somehow, we managed to keep the family feuding to a minimum.