TMDP Episode #61 Magic Kingdom Resorts Restaurant Romp

February 23, 2017


We are joined by the creator of Diz Central, Nick Groome as we take a leisurely stroll around the resorts of the Magic Kingdom for a sumptuous dinner in our new series: Restaurant Romp, 4 courses in 4 different eateries. 


TMDP Episode #60 - Disney Trivia: Valentines Addition

February 14, 2017

Love is in the air...sort of, on today's episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast.  Listen as some of our dudes play a round of romantic Disney trivia on this special Valentines Day episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast.


TMDP Episode #59 - Extinct Disney Attractions

February 11, 2017


They may be gone, but certainly not forgotten! The Mickey Dudes Podcast crew discuss their favorite extinct attractions in this relic of an episode. Grab your shovels, picks, and brushes… it's time to dig in!


TMDP Episode #58 - Disney Confessions

February 3, 2017


On this most shameful episode episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, our crew shares their deepest, darkest, Disney secrets. Overwhelmed with guilt, they must confess! Okay… so maybe they're not SO deep and SO dark, OR secretive—for that matter, but they are kind of shameful, you have to admit. Forgive us by listening in!!!