TMDP Episode #59 - Extinct Disney Attractions

February 11, 2017


They may be gone, but certainly not forgotten! The Mickey Dudes Podcast crew discuss their favorite extinct attractions in this relic of an episode. Grab your shovels, picks, and brushes… it's time to dig in!


TMDP Episode #58 - Disney Confessions

February 3, 2017


On this most shameful episode episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, our crew shares their deepest, darkest, Disney secrets. Overwhelmed with guilt, they must confess! Okay… so maybe they're not SO deep and SO dark, OR secretive—for that matter, but they are kind of shameful, you have to admit. Forgive us by listening in!!!


TMDP Episode #57 - Chinese New Year

January 27, 2017


On the eve of the Chinese New Year, our crew discusses all things from "The Red Dragon" in Epcot's Word Showcase. Help us celebrate the Year of the Rooster in this special holiday episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast!


TMDP Episode #56 - What Would You Choose?

January 19, 2017


It's time for everyone's favorite game show… "What Would YOU Choose?" In today's episode, we challenged our contestants to a series of Disney-themed questions and learned more than we what bargained for. And now, here's your host… Mr. Pat Smiley!!!


TMDP Episode #55 - Disney Resolutions

January 12, 2017


With the arrival of the new year comes new resolutions. But not just any resolutions… Disney resolutions!!! In this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, our roundtable crew resolves to be resolute about their resolutions. Really!


TMDP Episode #54 - The News of 2016

January 5, 2017


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! On this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, we close out 2016 with a handful of news stories that piqued our interest from the Wonderful World of Disney. Happy New Year—there's certainly much to look forward to in 2017 and the years to come!


TMDP Episode #53 - Year in Review

December 29, 2016


What a year it has been. We've experienced many highs—and sadly, many lows. With that, we humbly dedicate this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast to friends, family, and those we've had to say goodbye to in 2016. Thank you for being the inspiration on our journey. In that spirit, we ask that you please join us in reliving some special moments from our first year of podcasting. May 2017 bring you joy, prosperity and many blessings!


TMDP Episode #52 - Candlelight Processional Reading

December 22, 2016


Enjoy the story of Christmas as told by The Mickey Dudes Podcast crew. On behalf of all of us, we wish you a joyous season filled with health, happiness and prosperity!


TMDP Episode #51 - Disney Holiday Wish List

December 15, 2016


The holiday train keeps on rolling with another merry episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast! It's no–holds–barred show as our crew reveals their special wishes for the season. But, they'll have to get off the NAUGHTY list first to make the magic happen. We'll sprinkle in a podcast poll too. And as a special surprise, we'll open a present that's been hiding under the tree. What could it be??? Listen in to find out!


TMDP Episode #50 - Holiday Snack Crawl

December 8, 2016


Season’s Greetings! In this Holiday episode, the podcast crew indulges in the culinary offerings at Epcot’s Holidays Around the World. And unlike the other snack crawls, there’s NO budget! They’ll need to burn off all of those calories by heading around the World Showcase to enjoy the Storytellers share lore of the season with entertaining presentations. It’s time to unwrap this re-gift worthy episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast!


TMDP Episode #49 - Create Your Own Dining Experience

December 2, 2016


We get a little help from our friends today as Nick Groome—AKA The Disney Dude—joins in on the fun! The guys dish a little on creating their very own WDW dining experience. And with every guest, we'll also put Nick to the test with our Piston Cup Challenge. It's a true culinary delight on this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast where gratuity is ALWAYS included.


TMDP Episode #48 - Thankful Disney Memories

November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is a time for reflection; a time to count the blessings for all the joys in our lives. In this very special holiday episode, The Mickey Dudes share some of their favorite Disney memories. AND if that weren't enough… our Podcast Poll reveals which signature restaurant each one our crew would eat their Thanksgiving meal at. Napkin on your lap please, it's time to get fancy!


TMDP Episode #47 - Thanksgiving at WDW

November 17, 2016


If you had to celebrate Thanksgiving in WDW (we know… what a hardship, right?) what would you do? Our roundtable crew discuss their thoughts on this scrumptious episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast. For a tasty treat, we throw it across the pond for some thoughts from our Ranting Scotsman, Steven. Hey, did you try the cornbread stuffing? It was delicious!


TMDP Episode #46 - Favorite WDW Transportation

November 11, 2016


From the monorail system to ferry boats—and everywhere in between—there are a multitude of transportation options to get your from point A to point B. Some functional, and some just for fun, but all done with Disney style! Today, the guys discuss their favorites modes of transport at WDW. The Mickey Dudes Podcast will depart momentarily for the Magic Kingdom. If you’re standing, please hold on to the handrails and stay clear of the doors. Thank You!


TMDP Episode #45 - Our Favorite WDW Podcasts

November 3, 2016


We surveyed 100 people; top 5 answers on the board. Name your favorite WDW podcast… Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite 100 people—more like 4, but it's quality vs. quantity here. Listen in to find out what made our list of WDW podcasts and why. Somehow, we managed to keep the family feuding to a minimum.