TMDP Episode #69: Rare Disney Characters We Wish to Meet

April 20, 2017


Come join us around the table this week. We find something rarer than Chuck being right!

Pat, Dave, Jeff and Joe talk rare Disney Character meet and greet opportunities that they wish existed in the parks. We also introduce our newest sponsor: @DVCResaleMarket

Give it a listen, and let us know on Twitter @TheMickeyDudes what characters you would like to meet in the parks.


TMDP Episode #68 The Greater Movie Ride

April 13, 2017


Join us as we recline our arm chairs to play imagineer. Ever wish Disney would turn your favorite iconic movie scene into an attraction? Well, today we make that happen in The Mickey Dudes Greater Movie Ride presented by Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Co.


TMDP Episode #67 What We Are Looking Forward To At WDW

April 6, 2017


One of the best parts of a Disney trip is looking forward to the next trip.   Take a seat and listen to what the guys are looking forward to in their upcoming trips this year.  Then join us on social media and let us know what your are looking forward to the most on your next Disney trip.


TMDP Episode #66 - WDW What Would You Do?

March 30, 2017



We welcome Doug Davis  from the WDW Main Street Podcast today as we play a round of, "Walt Disney World Would You Rather?" Pull up a stool, and come join us in the corner chat.



TMDP Episode #65 - 2017 Disney Movie Bracketology

March 23, 2017


In honor of March Madness, we do a live bracket challenge with the 2017 Disney Movie lineup. Join us as we adjudicate the movies and see who comes out victorious.  This is a special Bracketology...lets call it Gladiator style...losers are gone forever!

Then, continue the discussion:

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TMDP Episode #64 - The Snack Crawl Series: The Art of the Deal

March 16, 2017

TMDP-Episode64.pngIt's time for a new Mickey Dudes Snack Crawl Series! Today, our intrepid deal explorers dip their collective toes into the snacks of Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World. Next, they spread their frugal proclivities toward the Value Resorts. We promise a raucous and sometimes enlightening time...come join us.

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TMDP - Special Edition - March Magic 2017!

March 15, 2017
show_64.pngKyle & Joe break down the round 1 Disney March Magic matchups in this Mickey Dudes Podcast special report. Do you agree? Tweet us your picks @themickeydudes

TMDP Episode #63 -Dining Around Crescent Lake

March 9, 2017


When you're with The Mickey Dudes, food reigns supreme! That's how it should be when visiting Walt Disney World. Today, the crew hit the Crescent Lake area run amok. Let's face it… when the budget constraints are lifted, the guys get a little… Goofy! Sorry, bad pun. Join them on another delicious culinary adventure in this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast.


TMDP Episode #62 -The ‘Top 11 List’ Series - RESORTS!

March 2, 2017


We're back with another Top 11 List!!! This time, the crew debates their favorite Walt Disney World resorts. Can you guess what landed on the top AND bottom of our lists? Here's a hint, it's… nah! Just tune into this episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast to find out. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us! Towel animals not included.


TMDP Episode #61 Magic Kingdom Resorts Restaurant Romp

February 23, 2017


We are joined by the creator of Diz Central, Nick Groome as we take a leisurely stroll around the resorts of the Magic Kingdom for a sumptuous dinner in our new series: Restaurant Romp, 4 courses in 4 different eateries. 


TMDP Episode #60 - Disney Trivia: Valentines Addition

February 14, 2017

Love is in the air...sort of, on today's episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast.  Listen as some of our dudes play a round of romantic Disney trivia on this special Valentines Day episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast.


TMDP Episode #59 - Extinct Disney Attractions

February 11, 2017


They may be gone, but certainly not forgotten! The Mickey Dudes Podcast crew discuss their favorite extinct attractions in this relic of an episode. Grab your shovels, picks, and brushes… it's time to dig in!


TMDP Episode #58 - Disney Confessions

February 3, 2017


On this most shameful episode episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast, our crew shares their deepest, darkest, Disney secrets. Overwhelmed with guilt, they must confess! Okay… so maybe they're not SO deep and SO dark, OR secretive—for that matter, but they are kind of shameful, you have to admit. Forgive us by listening in!!!


TMDP Episode #57 - Chinese New Year

January 27, 2017


On the eve of the Chinese New Year, our crew discusses all things from "The Red Dragon" in Epcot's Word Showcase. Help us celebrate the Year of the Rooster in this special holiday episode of The Mickey Dudes Podcast!


TMDP Episode #56 - What Would You Choose?

January 19, 2017


It's time for everyone's favorite game show… "What Would YOU Choose?" In today's episode, we challenged our contestants to a series of Disney-themed questions and learned more than we what bargained for. And now, here's your host… Mr. Pat Smiley!!!